Life In Megapixels
Life in Megapixels is a UK based specialist in producing high resolution virtual tours and gigapixel images.

We work closely with you to bring your customers into your business using the latest technology in the field.

Schools and Colleges

By building a tour of your school or campus, prospective students and parents can explore your site and you can show off your best facilities. Your virtual tour becomes and on-demand open day.

Property and Real Estate

Virtual tours will show buyers the extensive portfolio you have available. Additionally buyers will be able to view a property from the comfort of their (existing) home. This ensures that in person viewings are more positive and you can spend more of your time selling.

Venues, Bars and Restaurants

With a virtual tour you can bring clients into your venue and let them experience the facilities and atmosphere available. Once they pay you a virtual visit, a real one is sure to follow.

See what we did for:

Ink4U of Redhill were able to show their clients thier studios

Visitors to Pride London were able to relive the atmosphere

JJ Whispers were able to exhibit their newly refurbished club

Proffessional member of IVRPA